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N-doped Mesoporous Carbon

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ACS Material Mesoporous Carbon Nitride‚ Nitrogen Doped Mesoporous Carbon‚ N-doped CMK-3

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N-doped mesoporous carbon from ACS Material preserves the mesoporous structure and morphology of the hard template, resulting in a mesoporous carbon with higher specific surface area than other activated carbons. Nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon demonstrates superior electrochemical performance than standard mesoporous carbon and exhibits higher specific capacitance, rate capability, energy density, power density, and superior cycling ability.

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1. Preparation Method

Preparation Method: Hard Template

2. Characterization & Analysis

Mesoporous Carbon NitrideNitrogen Doped CMK-3

Average Size

1 µm

C/N (atom)



2D hexagonal lattice (space group p6mm)

Specific Surface Area (BET)

>500 m2/g

SEM Image (1) of Mesoporous Carbon Nitride (N-doped CMK-3)

Quantity Absorbed - Relative Pressure Graph

BET Adsorption/Desorption Isotherms (2) of Mesoporous Carbon Nitride (N-doped CMK-3)