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Nano H-ZSM-5

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Nano H-ZSM-5,Zeolite Socony Mobil–5

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CAS No.: 1318-02-1

Zeolites belong to a special class of crystalline aluminosilicates. Zeolite synthesis involves crystallization under high pH conditions from a diverse silica gel and an alumina source combined with water. The resulting nanoporous materials, called zeolites, are widely used in industrial applications as adsorbents, catalysts, and ion exchangers.

Zeolite Socony Mobil-5 (ZSM-5) is a high-silica pentasil zeolite developed by Mobil Oil Company in 1972. H-ZSM-5 is the H form, or protonic type, of ZSM-5. In H-ZSM-5, H+ ions occupy the zeolite ion exchange sites. H-ZSM-5 can be synthesized with an infinite number of different Si/Al ratios, the variation of which affects the material’s crystal configuration, porosity, and particle size, and impacts the overall strength and distribution of acid sites.

ACS Material manufactures five types of high-quality H-ZSM-5, each with its own Si/Al ratio and each is available in a 200 g or 1 kg package. ACS Material is a trusted source for high-quality, cutting-edge nanomaterials and molecular sieves. Find the advanced materials you need at ACS Material today.

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Molar Ratio



Crystal Size






Relative Crystallization


Shape Pore Size
P-26 ~26 <0.1 800 <5 362 100 Sphere ~5Å
P-52 ~52 <0.1 800 <5 362 98 Sphere ~5Å
P-87 ~87 <0.1 800 <5 362 100 Sphere ~5Å
P-91 ~91 <0.1 800 <5 362 99 Sphere ~5Å
P-371 ~371 <0.1 800 <5 362 96 Sphere ~5Å

*P-26 is uncalcined, all others are ready to be used directly.

zsm-5 P-25

SEM Image of ACS Material Nano H-ZSM-5 P-25

zsm-5 P-26

SEM Image of ACS Material Nano H-ZSM-5 P-26

zsm-5 P-52

SEM Image of ACS Material Nano H-ZSM-5 P-52

zsm-5 P-87

SEM Image of ACS Material Nano H-ZSM-5 P-87

zsm-5 P-91

SEM Image of ACS Material Nano H-ZSM-5 P-91

zsm-5 P-371

SEM Image of ACS Material Nano H-ZSM-5 P-371

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1.What is the density and diameter of Nano H-ZSM-5?

The Nano H-ZSM-5 has a diameter of 0.55nm-0.60nm with a density of about 121.6g/cm3.

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