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Nickel Nanoparticles

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APS: 100nm

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CAS No.: 7440-02-0

OLD SKU#: N-Ni-100nm-25g


1. Physical and Chemical Properties

Flammable solids

UN 3089

Colour Black
SSA 27.8m2/g
APS 100 nm
Purity ≥99.5%
Crystal structure Face-centered Cubic
Bulk density 1.3g/cm3
Theoretic density 8.9g/cm3

Specifications (Typical Chemical Analysis)

Chemical Composition


wt. %


Minimum Concentration of Ni




of Element



























Physical Character



Average Particle Size dvs (nm)

Fisher particle size


Loose Density pas (g/cm3) F.s.s.s


Tap Density (g/cm3)


2. Structure Features

Nickel Nanoparticles

SEM of Nickel Nanoparticles

XRD of Nickel Nanoparticles

3. Application Fields

High-performance electrode material: If the micron nickel powder replaced by nano- nickel powder‚ the nickel-hydrogen reaction is significantly increased in the specific surface area‚ which makes the corresponding of nickel metal hydride battery power increasing several times‚ and greatly improve charge and discharge efficiency.

Efficient catalysts: The large and highly active surface area‚ nano nickel powder has a greatly enhancement catalytic efficiency. Instead of conventional micro nickel powder‚ it can be used for hydrogenation of organic compounds. In the vehicle tail gas treatment nano nickel can replace the precious metals such as platinum and rhodium‚ so that the cost can be greatly reduced.

Magnetic fluid: Nickel and its alloy powders can be prepared as nano-magnetic fluid production used in sealing‚ medical equipment‚ sound regulation‚ mechanical control and other fields.

Conductive paste: Electronic paste is widely used in microelectronics industry packaging‚ connectivity‚ miniaturization of microelectronic devices. Nickel powder with nano-electronic paste has superior performance as micro nickel powder. It is widely used in MLCC.

Sintering additives: Nano-powder has large volume ratio of surface atoms‚ which have so high energy state. In the powder metallurgical industry‚ it can be used as sintering additive to reduce sintering temperature in ceramic and diamond tools production.

Non-metallic conductive coatings: The high surface energy of nano-Nickel can be spray at lower temperature than its bulk melting point at non-metallic devices surface to enhance the electric conductivity under anaerobic conditions. The coating can improve the oxidation resistance‚ corrosion.

Magnetic recording: Nano nickel powder can be used as high-performance magnetic recording materials. It can improve the density several times of storage information tapes‚ and hard and soft disk.

Combustion efficiency: The nano-nickel powder added to the solid fuel rocket propellant can significantly improve the efficiency of combustion of fuel‚ improve combustion stability.

Fuel Cell: Nanometer Nickel is irreplaceable fuel cell catalysts. As a catalyst for fuel cells can replace the expensive platinum‚ can greatly reduce the manufacturing costs of fuel cells. Assisted with nano nickel powders with appropriate technology‚ the electrode surface area is larger than micro nickel particles. It can greatly improve the discharge efficiency of fuel cell.

Stealth materials: Nano nickel can be used as stealth material‚ because of its special electro-magnetic properties.

Lubricant addictive: Nano nickel can be dispersed into lubricant to decrease the surface friction and repair micro defect of the friction surface.

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