Ordered mesoporous carbon cmk-3

Ordered mesoporous carbon cmk-3


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Synthesized by using mesoporous SBA-15 silica as the hard template

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CAS No.:  7440-44-0
Type Specific Surface Area (m2/g) Pore Diameter (nm) Total Pore Volume (cm3/g) Micropore Volume (cm3/g) Size (µm)
A 700~1000 5.57 ~1.35 0.01 0.5~5

Note: BET data is for reference only and we recommend customers perform your own test for more accurate data.


XRD of CMK-3


1. Which precursor was used for the preparation? 
Sucrose was used as the precursor for CMK-3.
2. What was the applied heat-treatment temperature for the carbonization? 
Carbonization was treated at 900°C for 5h under an inert atmosphere of nitrogen.

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