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Porous Carbon

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Surface area (m2/g): 2000

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Porous carbon from ACS Materials features a unique structure unlike any other porous materials. It consists of a large number of mesopores with diameters of ~2.0 nm, some of which are interconnected. Our proprietary technology allows us to finely control the pore size for maximum consistency.

Porous carbon fibers enable both high energy density and high electron/ion charging rates, two things which are mutually exclusive in other standard electrochemical energy storage materials. As a result, porous carbon fiber can be used as a structural material and an energy storage material. Applications abound in aircraft and automotive engineering, batteries, medical technology, and digital technology.

ACS Material is a leading provider of exceptional nanomaterials to leading laboratories, universities, and companies around the world. Contact us today for complete product specifications for porous carbon and any of our other high-quality nanomaterials.

CAS No.:  7440-44-0



Key features of our Porous Carbon products are:

Density (g/cm3) ~0.3
Particle Size (µm) (D50) 5 or 8
Ash Content (%) ≤0.5%
pH Value 6.5-7.5
Surface Area (m2/g) 2000
Cl (ppm) <20
Organic Capacitance(F/g)  140-160
Organic Capacitance(F/cc)  60-70
Pore Size (nm) 2.0-2.2

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