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Porous Silicon

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Anode battery material

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CAS-No.: 7440-21-3

Porous silicon is one of the most exciting nanomaterials available to researchers around the world. With the help of porous silicon, you can expect to see significant technological breakthroughs in a range of fields, including electronics, consumer goods, solar power, and medicine, just to name a few.

Silicon is an abundant material with exciting electrical properties and biocompatibility that continue to make it an important material for all types of high-tech industries. Porous silicon is especially exciting for the world of batteries. It has one of the highest lithium capacities of any material, allowing for higher power and longer life between charges. With the help of high-quality porous silicon from ACS Material, researchers are discovering ways to power future generations.

ACS Material provides exceptional nanomaterials to researchers and innovators worldwide. Shop ACS Material today for all your nanomaterial needs.

Preparation Method

Physical Method


Element Symbol:


Atomic Weight (g/mol):


Particle Size (D50) (μm):


Pore Size (nm):


BET Surface Area (m2/g):


Purity (%):


Typical SEM Image of ACS Material Porous Silicon (1)

Typical SEM Image of ACS Material Porous Silicon (1)

Element Content (wt%)
Si >99.99
Mg <0.008
Fe <0.0012
Ca <0.0006
Zn <0.009
Sn <0.006

XRD Analysis of ACS Material Porous Silicon

XRD Analysis of ACS Material Porous Silicon

Application Fields

1)    Anode material in lithium ion batteries

2)    Biomedical materials

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