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CVD Graphene on Copper-PMMA Coated

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Pretreated Graphene is produced by applying PMMA to a copper substrate with CVD graphene‚ followed by special processing.

Product Detail

CAS No.: 7782-42-5 (graphene)

Additional sizes available upon request. 

Pretreated graphene is produced by applying PMMA to a copper substrate CVD graphene then removing the "reverse-side graphene".  This form of graphene can then be used to study the transfer process by placing it directly in the ammonium persulphate solution to remove the copper followed by immersion in de-ionized water twice for cleaning. This method allows our customers to transfer to different substrates for their needs.  A quicker alternative to this method is the ACS Material product Trivial Transfer Graphene®.

Sheet Resistance <600Ω/sq
Custom Order <300Ω/sq
Transparency >95%



Conditions for safe storage

Keep the products in a dry and low oxygen (or oxygen-free) container at moderate temperature (<30°C).

The products and services ACS Material is supplying include:

  1. Super large size  graphene on copper foil up to 30cmx20cm
  2. Double or multi-layer graphene
  3. Graphene transferred onto silicon dioxide substrate
  4. Pretreated graphene: Graphene has been coated PMMA‚ just after some simple steps‚ you can transfer it to other different substrates
  5. N-type nitrogen-doped graphene: different doping concentrations of N-type graphene
  6. Graphical graphene: According to graphics mask supplied by customers
  7. Customized service: different floors‚ different sizes of graphene; graphene transfer services; nitrogen-doped graphene; graphical graphene etc.

Graphene Transfer Process


1. What is the thickness of PMMA?

About 500nm.



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