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CAS No.: 7631-86-9

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SBA-16 is a mesoporous silica synthesized using tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) as a silicon source and a ternary combination of surfactant (F127 (EO106PO70EO106)), water, and butanol. The result is a mesoporous silica 16 with micron-sized spheres over randomly-shaped aggregated particles. SBA-16’s pore structure is a three-dimensional cage, cubic Im3m-type with better mass transfer kinetics than SBA-15. SBA-16 is suitable for a variety of applications, including chromatography, drug delivery, catalysis, and imaging.

ACS Materials is pleased to provide a range of mesoporous silicas with unique properties, structures, and morphologies. The ability to tailor pore dimensions with high surface areas makes these materials invaluable in tasks such waste water remediation, catalysis, drug delivery, indoor air cleaning, CO2 capture, and many others. Mesoporous silica can also be used as templates for regulating the aspect ratio of quantum-confined nanowires and particles.

1. Preparation Method

Hydrothermal Method

2. Characterizations


White Powder

Particle Size (μm):


Pore Diameter (nm):


BET surface area (m2/g):


BJH Desorption Cumulative Volume of Pores (cm3/g):


Na2O (%)




This product is calcined and ready to use directly.

ACS Material SEM of SBA-16

Typical SEM Image of ACS Material SBA-16

ACS Material BET of SBA-16

Typical BET Analysis of ACS Material SBA-16

3. Application Fields

1)    Catalyst carrier

2)    As a templating agent

3)    Adsorbents

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