Silver Flake

Silver Flake


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CAS No.: 7440-22-4

Old SKU#: AgNprtD5u-50g

New SKU#: NPAG0515

1. Preparation Method

Physical grinding Method

2. Physical and Chemical Properties

BET surface area (m2/g) 0.80-1.45
Tap density (g/m3) 2.45-3.55
Total impurity ions (ppm) <150
Size distribution
D50 (µm) < 5.0
D20 (µm) < 2.0

3. Structure Features

SEM of ACS Material Silver Flake

SEM of ACS Material Silver Flake

4. Application Fields

Silver flake is a form of silver and a recent development in nanotechnology. Research continues on the particles‚ which have applications in fine line printing‚low temperature curing electronic slurry.