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Silver Nanoparticles

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CAS NO.: 7440-22-4

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Silver nanoparticles are valued for the unique electrical, thermal, and optical properties. These properties make them an exciting addition to research and development in a wide range of products and technologies, including photovoltaics, chemical sensor, and biological applications. For example, adding silver nanoparticles to inks, pastes, and fillers results in products that have high electrical conductivity, high stability, and low sintering temperatures. Including silver nanoparticles in molecular diagnostic and photonic devices takes advantage of the novel optical properties of silver nanoparticles. Silver nanoparticles are currently commonly used in antimicrobial coatings. Textiles, keyboards, biomedical devices, and wound dressings include silver nanoparticles that continuously release silver ions as protection against the growth of bacteria.

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Preparation Method

Physical Grinding Method

Physical and Chemical Properties

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Structure Features

SEM of ACS Material Silver Nanoparticles

Application Fields

Silver nanoparticles are fine mechanically ground silver particles. As a recent development in nanotechnology, research is ongoing in order to expose the full advantages of these nanoparticles. Known applications for silver nanoparticles include its use in coatings and sintered slurries for sensitive element electrodes.

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