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Single Layer Graphene Oxide Dispersion

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Single Layer Graphene Oxide Dispersion in Water and Ethanol (up to 10mg/ml)

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CAS No.: 7782-42-5

Single-layer graphene oxide (GO) is an exciting graphene-based nanomaterial with potential for use in a wide variety of industries and applications. GO’s good dissolvability in water, as well as in organic solvents, makes solution processing easy. Dispersions of graphene in water and ethanol facilitate environmentally safe handling of graphene for use in coatings, composites, and other advanced material applications. Single-layer graphene oxide from ACS Material has a pH of about 3-5 when dissolved into distilled water by sonication. Applications include transparent conductive films and coatings, solar energy storage cells, nanoelectronics, supercapacitors, biosensors, drug delivery systems, and many others.

Single-layer graphene oxide dispersions in water are just one of many research-grade advanced nanomaterials available from ACS Material. Contact us for more details and specifications about this or any of our other outstanding products. We’re committed to helping research labs around the world bring their ideas to life.

Single Layer Graphene Oxide Dispersion is very stable and can be stored for more than one year without using a surfactant. It is suitable for the preparation of reduced graphene and graphene film.

All dispersions are made from our Single Layer Graphene Oxide (H Method).

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Preparation Method: Modified Hummer's Method Modified Hummer's Method Modified Hummer's Method Modified Hummer's Method Modified Hummer's Method


100ml per bottle (1g)


1L per bottle (5g)


100ml per bottle (0.5g)


100ml per bottle (0.5g)


100ml per bottle (0.5g)

Solvent: DI Water DI Water DI Water Ethanol DI Water
Flake size: 0.5-2.0μm 0.5-2.0μm ~500nm 0.5-2.0μm 0.5-2.0μm
Thickness: 0.6-1.2nm 0.6-1.2nm 0.6-1.2nm 0.6-1.2nm 0.6-1.2nm
Single-layer Ratio: >80% >80% >80% >80% >80%
Color:  Brown/Black Brown/Black Brown/Black Brown/Black Brown/Black

TEM of Graphene Oxide Dispersion

AFM images of graphene oxide Dispersion

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1. What is the pH of Graphene Oxide Dispersion in Water?

The pH is 3 - 5.

2. What is the preparation process of Single Layer Graphene Oxide Dispersion in Water?

It is synthesized in water first and freeze dried to make powder, which is then dispersed in water at the required concentration.

3. Can ACS Material provide a higher concentration?

For a custom order, the maximum concentration we can offer for both water and ethanol dispersion is 10mg/ml. Customization fee and minimum order quantity may apply. Please contact us for more information.

4. What is the sonication period during the dispersion procedures?

The sonication period is about 30 minutes.

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