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Y-type Series Zeolites

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CAS No.: 1318-02-1

Y-type series zeolites are characterized by large, essentially spherical, internal cavities often called super cages that are linked through pore openings less than 1nm and are externally defined by rings of oxygen atoms. ACS Material’s Y-type series zeolites are an important component of our molecular sieves collection and include:

  • Y-RE2
  • Y-RE2-Pe
  • Y-RE16
  • Y-RE16-Pe
  • Na-Y
  • Na-Y-Pe

These zeolites are effective as a cracking catalyst in converting petroleum crude to diesel, gas, and other products. They are also used in detergent manufacturing, odor control, gas absorption, wastewater filtration, and soil remediation. Y-type series zeolites act as a flocculating agent and industrial filler, and they’re an important ingredient in animal feeds, desiccants, lightweight concrete, and ceramics.

ACS Material supplies Y-type series zeolites and other molecular sieves and nanomaterials to researchers around the world. Our reputation for quality, service, and reasonable prices make us your preferred source for cutting-edge nanomaterials of all kinds. Find what you need for your research at ACS Material today.

Key features of Y-type Series Zeolites

Type Y-RE2 Y-RE2-Pe Y-RE16






Form Powder Pellet Powder Pellet Powder Pellet


Molar Ratio

5-6 5-6 5-6 5-6 5-6 5-6
Diameter N/A 2-3mm N/A 2-3mm N/A 2-3mm
Length N/A ~20mm N/A ~20mm N/A ~20mm
Unit Cell Size <2.453 nm <2.453 nm <2.470 nm <2.470 nm 2.465-2.472 nm 2.465-2.472 nm
Differential Thermal Analysis ≥998 °C ≥998 °C ≥1000 °C ≥1000 °C N/A ≥998 °C
BET Surface Area ≥578 m2/g ≥578 m2/g ≥620 m2/g ≥620 m2/g ≥650 m2/g ≥580 m2/g
Na2O <1.5% <1.5% <0.5% <0.5% <13.0% <13.0%
RE2O3 1.5-2.5% 1.5-2.5% ≥16% ≥16% 0 0
Particle Size Distribution D50 <6 µm <6 µm <6 µm <6 µm <6 µm <6 µm
Loss on Ignition <13 % <13 % <13 % <13 % <15 % <15 %

This product is calcined and ready to use directly.


SEM Image of Y-RE2 -- ACS Material


SEM Image of Y-RE16 -- ACS Material

Potential Applications

  1. Applied to make fcc catalyst
  2. Applied to make hydrocracking catalyst
  3. Applied to make high efficiency absorbent cleanser and dryer

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1. What is the rare earth metal used in the zeolitic framework?

It contains La2O3 and CeO2.

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