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CAS-No.: 1318-02-1

ZSM-11, also known as Zeolite Socony Mobil 11 or MEL, is a two-dimensional zeolite with a 10-ring pore structure patented by the Mobil Oil Company in the ‘70s. Zeolites are a class of synthetic or natural aluminosilicate materials whose regular, microporous structure make them extraordinarily useful as adsorbents and catalysts. These materials are also commonly known as molecular sieves because their regular pore structure allows them to sort molecules based on size.

ZSM-11 is a synthesized zeolite with high crystallinity and a SiO2/Al2O3 Molar Ratio of 50. ZSM-11 demonstrates a high selectivity to LPG, gasoline, and diesel, a low dry gas and coke yield, and high selectivity and yield of light olefins. ZSM-11 has also demonstrated poor selectivity to benzene, making it especially interesting to applications within the clean petrochemical catalysis field.

ACS Materials is pleased to provide high-quality ZSM-11 synthesized via the hydrothermal method. Our products are trusted by researchers and engineers around the world.

1. Preparation Method

Hydrothermal Synthesis Method

2. Characterizations



SiO2/Al2O3 Molar Ratio:


BET Surface Area:

≥380 m2/g

Pore Volume:

>0.2 cm3/g

Bulk Density:

0.5 g/cm3


<0.1 wt.%

Ignition Loss(550 3h):

<8 wt.%

H2O Adsorption (50% ET 20):

5 wt.%

Particle Size:

200-300 nm

MEL Purity:


SEM image of ZSM-11

Typical SEM Image (1) of ACS Material Zeolite ZSM-11

XRD of ZSM-11

Typical XRD of ACS Material Zeolite ZSM-11

BET of ZSM-11

Typical BET Analysis of ACS Material Zeolite ZSM-11

3. Application Fields

1)    Catalysts

2)    Adsorbents

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1. What are the calcining conditions of ZSM-11?

ZSM-11 is calcined at about 500 degrees Celsius for 6 hours in the air.