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ZSM-5 Adsorbent Series

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Zeolite Socony Mobil–5

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CAS No.: 1318-02-1

ZSM-5 Adsorbent:

  • Binder-free Hydrophobic Zeolite Adsorbent (Product Code: G-360).
  • Hydrophobic Zeolite Adsorbent with boehmite binder (Product Code: G-300)
  • Ba-ZSM-5 (Product Code: G-22) -- New Release!

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Binder-free Hydrophobic Zeolite Adsorbent (Product Code: G-360)

In the practical applications‚ binder or cohesive agents are always used in the shaping process‚ and the binder will bring some negative effects. e.g.‚ the zeolite powder is difficult to be recovered and easily inactivates and aggregates‚ and the addition of binder will result in the reduction of effective surface areas and introduce the diffusional limitation. Binder-free Hydrophobic ZSM-5 Adsorbent can be used to solve these problems.

Key features of Binder-free Hydrophobic ZSM-5 Adsorbent products

Preparation Method Hydrothermal Method
SiO2/Al2O3 Molar Ratio 360
BET surface area (m2/g) ≥340
Bulk density (g/ml) ~0.68
Na2O (%) ≤0.2
Comparative Crystallinity (%) ≥90
Adsorption of Hexane (wt%) ≥9.6
Adsorption of Water (wt%) ≤2
Compressive Strength (N/mm2) ≥40
Shape Granular D:1-3mm
Pore Size ~5A

This product is calcined and ready to use directly. It can be reactivated by calcination at 550 °C in air. Increase the temperature by a step of 10°C/min and heat it at 550°C for about 5-6 hours.

Hydrophobic Zeolite Adsorbent (Product Code: G-300)

Due to the unique physical properties of hydrophobic zeolite adsorbents‚ solvent control systems using hydrophobic zeolite may exhibit separation capacity equal to or better than systems using activated carbon without requiring much of the support equipment. Though activated carbon remains the adsorbent of choice for many applications‚ hydrophobic zeolite represents an efficient alternative for many niche applications.

Key features of Hydrophobic ZSM-5 Adsorbent products

Preparation Method Hydrothermal Method
SiO2/Al2O3 Molar Ratio 300
BET Surface Area (m2/g) ≥220
Bulk Density (g/ml) ~0.68
Na2O (%) ≤0.2
Comparative Crystallinity (%) ≥90
Adsorption of Hexane (wt%) ≥7.2
Adsorption of Water (wt%) ≤2
Compressive Strength (N/mm2) ≥25
Shape Granular D:2-3.0mm
Pore Size ~5A


Ba-ZSM-5 Adsorbent (Product Code: G-22)

Key features of Ba-ZSM-5

Color White
SiO2/Al2O3 Molar Ratio ~22
Ba (%) <2.21
BET Surface Area (m2/g) ~330
Total Pore Volume (ml/g) 0.37
Mechanical Strength (N/Bead) ≥25
Particle Size Granular D:1.5-1.8mm


Potential Applications

  1. Oil refining
  2. Sorbents
  3. Catalytic degradation of LDPE
  4. Separating and extracting of aromatic isomers
  5. Removing formaldehyde and harmful volatile organics
  6. Liquid-gas separation
  7. Light Alkanes Dehydrogenatoin Progress in Chemistry
  8. Aromatization of Propane
  9. Para-Selective Dealkylation and Vapor Phase Beckmann Rearrangement
  10. Separation of Acetic Acid from Water


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What is the maximum operating temperature, so that ZSM-5 Adsorbent Series are not damaged?

The maximum temperature is about 500℃ for ZSM-5 Adsorbent Series not to be damaged. 

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