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ZSM-5 Catalyst

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Zeolite Socony Mobil–5

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CAS No.: 1318-02-1

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Preparation Method: Hydrothermal Method

ZSM-5 is an advanced molecular sieve that boasts unique and exceptional properties that are employed in a variety of processes and applications across a broad range of industries. ZSM-5 is commonly used to convert methanol to gasoline and diesel and is superior to amorphous solid acid catalysts in various reactions such as toluene disproportionation, xylene isomerization, and toluene alkylation. ZSM-5 catalyst is also used to decrease the freezing point of diesel fuel, maximize production of propylene, and improve the octane number of gasoline.

Several different morphologies and forms of ZSM-5 catalyst are available on our online store-, including pelletized columns. Our ZSM-5 molecular sieves are manufactured to meet the highest standards for quality and purity, which is why researchers in labs around the world trust our products. Contact our team for more details and specifications of our ZSM-5 Catalyst or any of our molecular sieve products.

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Key features of Hydrophobic ZSM-5 Catalyst in Proton form (H+)

SiO2/Al2O3 Molar Ratio 38
Shape Column (pelletized)
Dimension Φ2×2-10mm
Pore Volume ≥0.25ml/g
Bulk Density ~0.72 kg/l
Specific Surface Area ≥250m2/g
Crushing Strength ≥98 N/cm2
Attrition <1 wt.%
Pore Size


Binder Type


Binder wt.%


This product is calcined and ready to use directly. It can be reactivated by calcination at 550 °C in air. Increase the temperature by a step of 10°C/min and heat it at 550°C for about 5-6 hours.

*The catalyst might adsorb moisture when exposed to air if stored too long. We recommend baking it at 550-580 °C before use for the best performance.

Potential Applications

  1. Diesel Oil Nonhydrodewaxing catalysts: decrease the freezing point of diesel fuel
  2. DCC catalyst: maximize to produce propylene
  3. FCC Catalyst or additives: improve the gasoline octane number and the yields of LPG and propylene
  4. Xylene isomerization catalyst
  5. Methanol converting to gasoline
  6. Aromatization catalyst

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What is the maximum operating temperature, so that ZSM-5 Catalyst are not damaged?

The maximum temperature is about 550℃ for ZSM-5 Catalayst not to be damaged. It is recommended to use around 500℃.

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