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Fluorinated Carbon Nanotubes

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CAS No. 308068-56-6

Carbon nanotubes (CNT) continue to capture the imagination of leading researchers around the world; their unique properties open the possibilities for carbon nanotubes to be used in a wide variety of applications. Pristine carbon nanotubes, however, are not useful in and of themselves; the size, shape, and structure of the nanotubes have a significant impact on how they function. CNTs first need to be purified and functionalized to create a material with specific characteristics suitable for the application at hand. Fluorination is one method of functionalizing carbon nanotubes.

Fluorinated carbon nanotubes (FCNT) have outstanding surface functionality when compared to other similar materials. FCNTs are known as an excellent starting point for additional sidewall derivatizations; secondary reactions that involve substituting the fluorine atom from the sidewall result in C-N bond formation, cycloaddition, and free radical addition.

ACS Material produces fluorine carbon nanotubes using our own proprietary CVD and high temperature gas methods. Buy fluorinated carbon nanotubes from ACS Material today and save.

Preparation Method

Chemical vapor deposition Method for CNT

High Temperature Gas Method



Composition (F wt.%):



Black or grey


2-10 micrometers




> 99.5%

Fluorinated Carbon Nanotubes_TEM

TEM image of ACS Material Fluorinated Carbon Nanotubes

Fluorinated Carbon Nanotubes_SEM

SEM image of ACS Material Fluorinated Carbon Nanotubes

Application Fields

1)    Lithium-ion battery

2)    Solid lubrication

3)    Composites

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