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Large Size Mesoporous Carbon Spheres

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The large-size mesoporous carbon spheres are black round particles with high specific surface area, high porosity and adjustable pore size in a certain range. High thermal stability and hydrothermal stability can be obtained by optimizing the synthesis conditions; The synthesis is simple, easy to operate and has no physiological toxicity. Potential applications in fuel cells, molecular sieves, adsorption, catalytic reactions, electrochemistry and other fields.

1. Preparation Method

Activation method

2. Product Information


Black round grainy

Average aperture

~2.2 nm

Specific Surface Area

1325.78 m2/g

Typical SEM Image of ACS Material Large size mesoporous carbon spheres

3. Product Application

It is used in Lithium-sulfur battery cathode materials, catalyst carrier materials, etc.

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