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Single Layer Graphene Oxide Flake (H Method)

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Graphene Oxide by Modified HUMMER's Method (can be used to prepare graphene)

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Graphene oxide will be supplied as thin flake/film‚ and it has good solubility in water‚ ethanol‚ DMF et al. The dispersion concentration of Graphene oxide in water will be larger than 2 mg/ml. Graphene oxide can be easily dispersed in polar solvents with the help of ultrasound. If you have any questions‚ please contact us‚ and we will try our best to provide the solutions for you. Old SKU for 500mg: GnO1LP-0.5g

ACS Material also provides Graphene Oxide Dispersion made by this product.

CAS No.: 7782-42-5

Preparation Method:   Modified HUMMER's Method

Diameter 1~5 μm
Thickness 0.8~1.2 nm
Single Layer Ratio ~80%
Purity ~99%
Tapped Density 0.44g/cm3
Bulk Density 0.26g/cm3

Single Layer Graphene Oxide Flake

Product Image of ACS Material Single Layer Graphene Oxide Flake (H Method)

TEM of ACS Material Single layer Graphene Oxide Flake (H Method)

*The TEM analysis was completed through dispersing ACS-Material Graphene Oxide into water or ethanol with the help of ultrasound

Application Fields

Supercapacitors; Catalyst; Solar energy; Graphene semiconductor chips; Conductive graphene film; Graphene computer memory; Biomaterials; Transparent conductive coatings.


*The research demonstrates that a common contaminant (some potassium salt residues) in graphite oxide renders the material highly flammable. The properties of graphene oxide are similar with graphite oxide. ACS Material-Graphene oxide has been purified for many times‚ and the potassium salt is removed completely. Therefore the consumers can use ACS Material-Graphene oxide without any hesitation.
*Kim F‚ Luo J‚ Cruz-Silva R et al. Self-propagating domino-like reactions in oxidized graphite‚ Advanced Functional Materials‚ 2010‚ 20 (17): 2867-2873.

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How do I disperse single layer Graphene Oxide into a suitable carrier?

For dispersion in water
1) Use distilled or deionized water
2) Add graphene powder
3) Use sonication power of 200W for about 30mins (adjust it based on your application)

For dispersion in ethanol
1) Use pure ethanol
2) Add graphene powder
3) Use sonication power of 200W for about 30mins (adjust it based on your application)

Is Graphene Oxide fully oxidized? What is the C:O ratio?

Graphene Oxide (GO) is produced by the classic modified Hummer’s method‚ which yields an oxidization level of ≥95%. Regarding the C:O ratio‚ there is some variance inherent in the manufacturing process but the figures below give you an approximation of what to expect (please use the number in the table as a reference number):

Sample N (wt %) C (wt %) O (wt %) C/O at. ratio
Graphene Oxide 0 51.26 40.78 1.67

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