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Carboxylated Graphene Quantum Dots Powder

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Carboxylated Graphene Quantum Dots‚ Powder‚ CAS NO.: 7440-40-0

Product Detail

CAS NO.: 7440-40-0

Types of Graphene Quantum Dots Products
Product No. Product Name Type Carrier Standard Concentration Maximum Concentration Size
GNQD0101 Blue Luminescent GQDs Solution Water 1 mg/ml 20 mg/ml 100ml
GNQD0131 Eth
GNQD0151 Blue Luminescent GQDs Powder Powder - - - 100mg
GNQD0201 Aminated GQDs  Solution Water 1 mg/ml 20 mg/ml 100ml
GNQD0221 Aminated GQDs Powder Powder - - - 100mg
GNQD0301 Carboxylated GQDs Solution Water 1 mg/ml 20 mg/ml 100ml
GNQD0701 Carboxylated GQDs Powder Powder - - - 100mg
GNQD0401 Chlorine Functionalized GQDs Solution Water 1 mg/ml 2 mg/ml 100ml
GNQD0511 Green GQDs Solution Eth 1 mg/ml 10 mg/ml 100ml
GNQD0501 Green GQDs Solution Water 1 mg/ml 10 mg/ml 100ml
GNQD0601 Hydroxylated GQDs Solution Water 1 mg/ml 2 mg/ml 100ml
GQDW0101 Imidazole-Modified GQDs Solution Water 1 mg/ml 10 mg/ml 100ml
GQD001A1 Imidazole-Modified GQDs Powder Powder - - - 100mg
GQD001A5 500mg
GQD00101 1g

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* Shelf life

  • Carboxylated and Green GQDs: ~ 3 months;
  • the rest of GQDs products:~ 6 months;
  • recommand to use them as soon as possible after open the bottle.

Please contact us if you need products other than the standard concentration and carriers listed in the table.

1. Preparation Method

Precursor pyrolysis

2. Characterizations


Carboxylated Graphene Quantum Dots


pale yellow powder

PL peak:

487 nm (reference only, actual value may vary)

Particle Size:

<10 nm



Emission Photos (1) of ACS Material Carboxylated Graphene Quantum Dots Excited

by Natural Light (left) and UV Light (right)

TEM Image (2) of ACS Material Carboxylated Graphene Quantum Dots 

Size Distribution (3) of ACS Material Carboxylated Graphene Quantum Dots 

3. Application Fields

Graphene Quantum Dots exhibit unique optical and electronic properties due to their quantum confinement and edge effects‚ and have a variety of novel applications‚ such as low-toxicity and photostable fluorescence probes for cell imaging and biosensing‚ low-cost acceptors for organic photovoltaic cells and light emitting diodes‚ a metal-free platform for surface-enhanced Raman scattering‚ and an upconverted sensitizer for modifying rutile TiO2 nanocrystals as a composite visible-light photocatalyst.


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1. What is the synthesis method of this product? 

The synthesis method is made of small organic molecules (bottom-up method).


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