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BioGraphene Suspension in Water

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NOTE: Due to a short shelf-life, Overnight Priority shipment is required. 

1. Preparation Method

Shear exfoliation using biological agents

2. Characterizations

Size (sheets):


Average Thickness:

3-5 layers


Suspended in 3 mg/mL


32,000 S/m

Platelet Concentration:

≈ 7 mg/mL graphene platelets

  TEM BioGraphene

Typical TEM Image of ACS Material BioGraphene

Raman BioGraphene

Typical Raman Spectrum of ACS Material BioGraphene

Conductivity Plot BioGraphene

Conductivity Plot of ACS Material BioGraphene

3. Application Fields

1)      Biosensors

2)      Bioelectronics

3)      Drug delivery

4)      Bioassays

5)      Biological research

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